Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are used for data interpretation, visualization, and analysis in order to help understand relationships, patterns, and trends that lead to making more informed decisions. There is a growing awareness of the economic and strategic value of GIS and how it benefits organizations of all sizes.

GIS can assist in many common business tasks
From community plans to mobile outreach, GIS can help with your goals.
GIS is commonly used to manage human impacts on the environment.
Record archaeological artifacts and points of interest with accuracy and efficiency.

Our philosophy is simple. In order to provide exceptional service at a reasonable price we must first fully understand the problem at hand. From there, it is simply about applying the right GIS principles to produce the best results.

Record and share your information with ease!
Perform simple to complex spatial calculations on your data.
A well designed map will ensure your message is received.
Look at your data in a new way!

Electric Universe

My personal interest in the Electric Universe theory has led me to contributing my GIS skills to help support the community. For maps and information on related topics:

Electric Universe

Immanuel Velikovsky's 'Worlds in Collision'