Welcome to Sutton Mapping.

I love maps. And it is my goal to provide the highest quality product at a fair price. If you need assistance with recording data, creating figures from recorded data, or sharing your data with others, I can assist you. My recent project experience has been primarily in cultural resources, urban planning and legal support. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Recently, my interests have gone in the direction of Internet mapping applications. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) are, at the core, a method to turn data into information. It is often very useful to visualize data in order to make informed decisions. Bringing the power of GIS to the public via web applications offers great potential. For an example of an interactive map, click here.


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Modern cartography, having changed drastically in the last 20 years, now involves digital data, databases and graphic design.


While working with a local urban/environmental planning firm, I was assigned to work on the City of Vista General Plan Update

I supported the Air Quality specialist with GIS and CAD needs for the $1.2B redevelopment project.

I provided GIS support on the Ocotillo Wind Energy project in Imperial County, CA. I managed the GPS data recording during the design phase through the construction phase.

I voluntarily helped to support the Lakota Indian tribal land claim rights by providing various maps to their cause.

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