Sutton Mapping & Web Design

Sutton Mapping & Web Design is committed to providing affordable services in the fields of Web Design and GIS Consulting. We strive to provide modern and efficient solutions by combining experience, technology and innovation.

Web Design

By creating websites built on the Drupal platform, our clients' websites are custom applications built to meet their unique requirements. By focusing on SEO friendly designs and content that is easy for site managers to maintain, our websites are ideal for current and future needs.

We practice the most modern SEO methods in website construction.

Rather than first building a website and then making it SEO friendly, we take a different approach. We start with your SEO keywords. By identifying exactly what your keywords are early allows the entire site to be built around these keywords. In addition to the content being keyword-rich, the structure of the website is constructed with these keywords, including the browser URLs. This approach encourages search engines to properly classify and index the website.

Our websites are built 'mobile first' to display nicely on all devices and computers.

About 80% of all new Internet users are accessing websites on a phone, tablet or other small device. It is important that your website displays properly on all devices. A responsive web design will adapt to various screen sizes to ensure your customers are having the intended experience.

We specialize in building websites for the legal profession.

By utilizing smart design, SEO strategy and well written content we have proven success in promoting legal websites. By focusing the content on key practice areas and locations, you can compete successfully online with your competitors. For a recent site example please visit Luftman, Heck & Associates California Debt Defense.

Do you want to share geospatial data online?

We are experienced in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and web mapping. Visualizing geospatial data can be tricky and needs to be approached carefully, particularly when there is 'big-data' to display.

GIS Consulting

We provide consulting services applying GIS to various industries. Geographic information systems provide a way to record, manage and analyze surveyed information.

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